Seglinges Hassel

GK Vallhund Pr

Hassel is a tricoloured, smoothcoated male born 29/7-2012.
Hipscored B, CEA-carrier, IGS-normal, eyetest oct-2017.

Latest brags is that Hassel’s father Loki won the Swedish Cup 2014 and in the same final his uncle Duke was second and Hassels mother Kelli Hassels mother Kelli has been in the Swedish team for four years. She was best Swede in the CSC-final 2016. Hassel is very proud to have such parents.

Hassel himself has won IK2 and participated in the final of the Swedish Agria Cup.

Littermates: Kullöversikt

Before Hassel was 8 weeks he could pull the tablecloth to have funny things falling to the floor…
Hassel is named after a trotting horse named Hassel Sidney that in his turn was named after the character Hassel in the nice book Watership Down (Den Långa Flykten).

Hassel has a naughty track record… and a more serious one

Hassels foton

Hassels herding

Hassels trix & agility

Blogg of all Kellipups and also of Hassel before 8 weeks.

and will you read all about Hassel from 8 weeks go to category  Hassel 🙂

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